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Celebrate World Oral Health Day by Booking your Dental Check Up

On the 20th March, we celebrate World Oral Health Day. Every year, the event launches a year-long campaign to promote the importance of oral hygiene and raise awareness of issues surrounding oral health. Research suggests that in their lifetime, as many as 90% of the world’s population will suffer from some kind of oral disease – in most cases, these diseases are completely avoidable.

In The UK, despite easy access to dental care, the rate of people suffering from oral diseases is still high. Large percentages of people are avoiding regular dental check-ups as a result of fear and are therefore missing out on the care and expert oral hygiene advice that they need.

In some cases, avoiding visiting your dentist can have more serious consequences; as well as checking for tooth decay and examining the gums, dentists also look for any indications of oral cancer, vitamin deficiencies or diabetes. It’s also normal for your dentist to examine your head and neck, face, bite, saliva and the movement of your lower jaw joints. By avoiding dental check-ups, early signs of serious illness could be missed.

The good news is, for patients that suffer from severe dental anxiety, dentists can utilise a lot of different techniques to help them relax and benefit from the oral health care that they need:

Gentle Dentistry

At Brunswick Square Dental Practice, we believe that the most effective way to treat anxious patients is to communicate openly with them and help them to feel in control. Our approach is to talk with our patients to work out how we can overcome their fear together and only attempt treatment when they are ready to do so – this could be over a number of appointments, depending on when our patient is ready.

By putting no pressure on the patient, they feel more in control of the situation, so their anxiety is slowly eased and treatment can progress at a speed that is comfortable for them.

Sedation Dentistry

We can also use sedation dentistry to help patients feel at ease. By administering a deep local anaesthesia and waiting until the area of treatment is completely numb before starting treatment, our patients need not fear any pain and can feel in control. To help make sure treatment is as anxiety-free as possible, we use only the thinnest needles so that injections are painless.

If anxiety is preventing you from seeking regular dental check-ups, call us today on 01273 736448 to make an appointment. Your oral health is extremely important and we are committed to finding a way to treat you that you are comfortable with.

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