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Five top oral health tips to follow this summer

The UK has enjoyed some fantastic weather over the past few weeks, so we’ve put together five top tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy this summer!

1. Stay hydrated!

We all know how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated in the searing heat, but it’s also an important factor in oral health. Drinking plenty of water helps to cleanse the mouth of bacteria, reducing the chance of plaque and tooth decay developing.  

2. Avoid fizzy drinks

Chilled carbonated drinks are refreshing, but when it comes to oral health they are certainly best avoided. Containing a high level of sugar and acidity, fizzy drinks cause enamel erosion and can offset some serious issues for teeth and gums.  

3. Tea, anyone?

Although you may not fancy a hot brew in the summer humidity, your mouth will certainly thank you! Tea is surprisingly proficient at breaking down bacteria, helping to combat tooth erosion and gum disease. Probably better not to take sugar, though!   

4. Don’t rush to brush!

Dentists advise that brushing your teeth straight after eating or drinking isn’t actually very good for your teeth. Food and drink that contains acidic compounds can do real damage during the brushing process, so it’s better to wait for about an hour after a meal.

5. Organise a check-up

We know this goes without saying, but organising a regular check-up with your dentist helps to safeguard against potential oral health issues. Your teeth may look and feel absolutely fine, but your dentist will help to maintain oral health and identify any potential problems. 

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