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Mercury free fillings – what’s all the hype about?

Mercury free fillings

Whether mercury fillings are safe has been a topic of debate for some time. The research is split, with some saying that mercury amalgam fillings could be related to health conditions like MS[1] while others such as the scientific commission of the European Committee say there is no link to adverse health outcomes[2].

Overall, the evidence falls more on the side of finding no link between amalgam fillings and health complaints, but more and more people are opting to have mercury free fillings just in case. In addition, it is widely advised that pregnant women and children under six should avoid amalgam fillings just in case there’s adverse effects.

In countries like Norway, Denmark and Germany amalgam fillings have been banned[3], and it is up for debate whether the UK will one day follow suit.

There are many effective alternatives to amalgam fillings, which is why at Brunswick Square Dental Practice we are completely mercury free and only use white, tooth-coloured materials to fill teeth. These are just as effective as amalgam fillings and are virtually invisible. Two separate studies published in 2013 found that composite fillings were just as effective as amalgam fillings[4] and another study in 2014 found that resin composite fillings last well.[5]

Why else might someone choose a mercury free filling?

Amalgam fillings can be very visible, especially when they are used in teeth near the front of your mouth. Often, those with this type of filling will complain that their teeth look ‘dead’ or discoloured, or that they feel self-conscious when smiling. Therefore, many people choose to get white fillings, or to have their amalgam fillings safely removed to feel more confident.

In 2015, UK Medicines Information stated that it may be beneficial for breastfeeding mothers to avoid having mercury fillings in non-urgent dental procedures, so many women now opt for the white composite fillings instead.

If you would like to change your mercury-based silver fillings for white fillings, we at the Brunswick Square Dental Practice can help, or if you feel you would like a dental check up call us today on: 01273 736448 to book in.








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