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New Year, New You

New smile for 2017

The New Year provides the perfect opportunity to make resolutions and vow to improve our wellbeing over the next twelve months. New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, but many people find them very hard to stick to, as they are not making realistic promises to themselves. 

Instead of just saying “this year I’m going to lose weight and get fit”, it’s better to say by the end of March I would like to lose Xlbs and be able to complete the couch to 5k challenge.  Setting realistic targets will help you to achieve your goal and improve your mood.

If improving your appearance is one of your key resolutions for 2017, it’s certainly worthwhile looking into orthodontic treatments.  Many treatments such as teeth whitening or teeth straightening can be carried out in a relatively short period of time, meaning you are well on your way to achieving your yearly goal. 

Let’s take a look at the various orthodontic treatments offered at Brunswick Dental Practice which may be suitable for you this year:

Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening produces results where your teeth can be lightened by up to 7 shades in just one session, making it a great choice of treatment to improve your smile in a short space of time. 

Whiter teeth symbolise youth, and with highly consumed drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine all contributing to stained teeth, even just a couple of teeth whitening sessions can help to roll back the years.

Teeth Straightening

Gone are the days where braces were just for teenagers – these days it’s becoming more fashionable and affordable for adults to undergo teeth straightening to get the perfect smile. 

Whilst some treatments can take up to two years to achieve the desired effect, we utilise Fastbraces® at our practice – which inevitably means you can safely straighten your teeth in just a matter of months. 

Smile Makeover

It may be that you require a blend of various orthodontic treatments to help you to achieve the smile you truly desire. Our team will discuss with you any issues you may wish to tackle, such as chipped or crooked teeth, a gap which you feel spoils your smile, or old and discoloured amalgam fillings which are noticeable when you laugh. 

We’ll then work with you to decide a plan of action to tackle these problems based on your lifestyle and budget. With careful planning, you could find that you have a whole new smile by the end of the year!

To find out more about how our orthodontic treatments may help you to achieve your New Year’s resolution, please get in touch with our team by telephoning 01273 736448.

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