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What are the benefits of tooth whitening?

Philips teeth whitening

If you’re on a quest for a celebrity smile, you might be thinking about whitening your teeth. And with so many benefits, it’s easy to see why the race for pearly whites is more intense than ever before. So what benefits can whitening your teeth bring? And how should you go about doing it?

Here, we take a closer look at the plus points of tooth whitening and how you can start your journey to whiter teeth.

  1. Confidence

Whitening your teeth can make you feel more confident and less self-conscious, meaning you can smile without worrying.

  1. It’s affordable

If you’re unhappy with your teeth, there are various things you can try. From braces and implants to veneers and dentures – the possibilities are endless. But whitening offers an affordable first step and can be all you need to make you feel better about your smile.

  1. It makes you look younger

Although our teeth are subject to abuse every day from the food and drink that we consume, there’s no need to let stains make you look older. Having whiter teeth can give a groomed, cleaner appearance and take years off your actual age.

  1. It makes you camera ready

Many people go for tooth whitening before a special occasion, such as their wedding. Having whiter teeth gives you the confidence to smile without thinking, meaning you can focus on the day in hand rather than worrying about your teeth.

  1. Done correctly, it doesn’t damage your teeth

When you use a whitening system provided by your dentist, you can be sure that your teeth are being well looked after. Purchasing cheap kits online may damage your teeth and surrounding gum tissues, creating irreversible damage.

At Brunswick Square Dental, we’re proud to use Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed which allows us to achieve up to seven shades lighter in just one 60-minute session. Unlike many other systems, this one uses a proprietary LED light to accelerate whitening for maximum results in minimal time – perfect for your lunchbreak.

To start your tooth whitening journey today, call our Hove based practice on 01273 736448 or email info@hovedental.co.uk. In addition to a range of cosmetic dentistry we also offer general and restorative dentistry.

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