Newsletter Winter 2019

We wish all our patients, suppliers, relatives and friends a joyous and peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020

Year-end close down

Please note that our practice will be closed over the Christmas period from 20 December 2019 until 2 January 2020. If you do need emergency treatment during this time, please phone the practice on 01273 736448.
Dental Emergencies

We like our patients to be aware that if you need emergency dental treatment during normal clinical hours, we will try to see you on the same day. Out of clinical hours we are part of the Brighton and Hove Private Emergency Dentist group. Just call the surgery and you will be given the phone number of the emergency dentist on call.

Patients with DPAS membership are able entitled to claim back part of their costs through the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme.

Staff news

Since our last newsletter, Carrie, our practice manager, is now on maternity leave, with her new baby eagerly awaited around Christmas time. We wish her well with her new arrival.
Daniel, our hygienist/dentist has moved on to pastures new, having found a more full-time position. We are sorry to see him go and wish him all success in his new venture.

Our new winter special (while stocks last)

££ O% Finance ££

We know that good private dentistry may not be affordable for everyone. We use the very best products for our patients, and do not skimp on quality or quantity to bring you the best result.

In order to help our patients to spread the load of any financial burden, we offer payments by instalments over periods from two to eight months at zero per cent finance interest, on your debit card. This arrangement does not involve the credit card companies or the banks, and we are not acting as financial brokers in these arrangements. In order to keep you safe we use a third-party supplier who is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), that your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee, and that all information about you and ourselves is ISO27001 certified for information security management.

Dental Check-ups and Oral Hygiene Appointments

In accordance with the recommendation of NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) we like our patients to return on a regular basis for their dental check-up and Oral Hygiene appointments as this is the best way for us to work with you to maintain your oral health and, therefore, your general health as well. If you are told that all is good at your examination consultation, this means that you are in good fettle now. This is why we like you to come in regularly, for most, every six months to keep an eye that all is kept in this present healthy state.

Fees, DPAS and Brexit

We are happy to be able to maintain our fees, including our loyalty dental care programs (DPAS), at current levels, at the moment. What effect politics will have on prices and fees is not predictable, but we will try to keep any negative effect to a minimum.


2019 has been a revolutionary year in dentistry. New products abound. We are now using an exciting new filling product called Omnichroma. This material has all the strength and workability of old white fillings, but also has the ability, due to new technologies used in its chemical make-up, to blend and mimic the colour of any tooth that it is place in. The result is a stunning match in every instance. No more multicoloured fillings.

Loving our world

Since we adopted our eco-friendly policies, we have noticed how this is becoming standard throughout society. Buzz-words such as green and vegan abound. We continue to keep striving to protect the environment as best we can in as many ways as we can. Check out our eco-friendly section on our website.

Finally, we wish you all a great 2020 with everything that you wish for yourselves.

Thank you all for your support

Brian and Team – Brunswick Square Dental Practice

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