E-max - The new crown and bridge porcelain material

Cosmetically created smiles use crowns and veneers to cover imperfect teeth. These crowns were made using a metal core inside the crown that was covered with a layer of bonding opaque porcelain. This layer was then covered with aesthetic porcelain that was built up into the tooth shape required. The opaque layer was visible where the porcelain was thin, particularly towards the edges of the crown. The bonded opaque to metal layer often broke or chipped resulting in crown failure. Sometimes the metal edge of the core was visible where it joined the natural tooth if the gum had receded slightly. To provide better aesthetics, crowns were made entirely of porcelain. These crowns were brittle and broke easily, so were used mainly in stress-free areas.

Newer, stronger materials were invented that were aesthetically beautiful, but were much more expensive.

Now a new porcelain material called e-max has been invented. The core of the e-max crown is as strong as metal, is tooth-coloured so there is no opaque layer, resulting in stronger and more life-like, beautiful crowns. e-max crowns can be made thinner and finer, so look more natural. e-max can be used for veneers and for small span bridges. The range of colours and improved versatility of this material are making e-max a market leader. We use e-max for almost all our crowns, bridges, inlays and overlays, and veneers.


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