Love your Dentist

Conquering the fear

As dentists, we have all heard patients say “I’d rather have a baby” when they first come into our treatment room. When the treatment has been completed they say “That wasn’t so bad”. So what is this fear and how do we help you cope to reduce it or take it away?

Patients are scared of one or a combination of things:

  • Fear of pain – we give painless injections to remove any pain from our treatments. We prefer to work on numb patients because the patient will have the confidence to know that they will not feel anything and we know that we can get on with the job without hurting them.
  • Fear of needles – many people are scared of needles. We use anaesthetic cream on the site where we need to numb the patient. This takes away the initial feeling when we start the injection. We hide the needle so that the patient cannot see it. We also discuss the fear and, if necessary, we refer the patient to our counsellor to learn how to cope with this phobia.
  • Fear of the dentist usually is the result of some past trauma the patient experienced. We are very gentle in handling all our patients as we know how easy it is to recreate this fear.
  • Our counsellor is Kate Pentol, who is a private practitioner therapist. She has worked with a number of dental phobic and dental anxious patients. We have seen outstanding successes with patients who we have jointly cared for.

Your visit to our surgery should be a non-threatening, positive experience during which we can do constructive treatment in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment where your concerns and anxieties are being attended to constantly.

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