Bridges are a means of replacing missing teeth. There are different types of bridges. The most common type is where the replacement tooth/teeth are made as one unit with supporting crowns placed on the teeth on each side of the missing teeth gap, and the whole bridge is cemented in place.

The second type of bridge is where there is no tooth or the teeth on one side are too weak to support one end of the bridge. In this case the bridge may use the two or more teeth on just one side and the bridge is then cantilevered off the supporting teeth.

The third type of bridge is the Maryland or Fochet’s bridge fixes a false tooth into the gap with “wings” that fit onto the inside of the adjacent teeth. This type of bridge is usually a temporary treatment to maintain space while waiting for bone to regenerate or infection to clear before placing an implant or a permanent bridge.

Other methods of replacing teeth are by placing dentures or by placing dental implants.

Bridges may be made out of plastic, porcelain, bonded porcelain to metal, metal, or white composite filling material. We make all our bridges out of e-max for short bridges or porcelain with metal framework for longer span bridges.

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