Cosmetic composites

Cosmetic composites

Dental technology has advanced to the point where we are able to place beautiful, tooth-coloured fillings and facings into and onto teeth that can be polished to such a high degree that they look and feel like natural teeth. These new materials are called dental composites.

In our practice we use this new technology to build up and reshape teeth, and to change the shade of teeth, in the same way that we can with dental veneers and crowns. The material gives us the flexibility to add more or less material, at any stage, in order to get the result that our patients are most happy with. These cosmetic composites can be touched up and repolished to look like new, time after time if necessary.

We can also cover receding gum area and sensitive tooth necks with pink, gum coloured filling materials to restore the “long in the tooth” appearance.

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