Sedation for dental anxiety

Sedation for dental anxiety

Lots of people are really, really scared of going to the dentist. The fear is of lots of different things from fear of needles to the smell or taste of some of the products used, claustrophobia, people prodding them, or the noise or the feeling of having teeth cleaned or drilled.

Lots of techniques have been used by dentists to get patients to relax. We find the best way for our patients is to speak to them openly and honestly about their fear and how we can control it together. This may be done over one or over a number of appointments until our patient is ready to attempt treatment. Once we agree as to what approach we will both use, control is then handed to our patient so that the treatment can progress comfortably. Our patients know they are always in control of every situation and that we never try to force treatment further than what they are comfortable with.

We use gentle dentistry, solid deep local anesthesia (also known as sedation) administered slowly with the thinnest needles so that our injections are painless, we wait for our patients to be totally numb in the area of treatment, and that the patient is in control at all times. This allows us to gain success with almost all our patients in building their confidence and losing their dental fears so that together we can complete their treatment.

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