Patients who come to our practice for the first time often remark how they have never had a check-up that was as thorough as the one carried out by our dentists. This total “head and neck” examination is done at our practice at every regular dental examination appointment.

We check that all the lymph glands, muscles and joints in the head and neck are healthy. The examination also ascertains whether the surrounding tissues are in good health and that there is no disease or problem in any of the soft and hard tissues in or around the mouth. We carry out specific examinations to the gums and the teeth and a cancer screen is done routinely. X-ray examinations are performed every 2 years.

Any problems found are investigated immediately, and discussed with the patient. We understand that ill health in the mouth could result in ill health in the rest of the body. Choices of treatment are offered and referrals are made right away. We like to be able to reassure our patients that they really are in good health when they leave our surgery, or that any problems found are being immediately addressed.

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