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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is orthodontic treatment that gradually straightens teeth by using a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners. Treatment consists of a series of custom made, clear plastic fitting trays called aligners which are changed around every two weeks.

You would need to visit the Brunswick Square Dental Practice, an accredited Invisalign® practice, on average every four to six week. The purpose of regular visits is so we can monitor your progress and at each appointment, provide the next stage of aligners to wear until your next visit. The aligners are individually crafted to move your teeth into position little by little, gradually moving towards the projected final position. Treatments plans will vary from patient to patient according to their individual needs, though the average time in our experience is 9-12 months.

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Why choose Invisalign?

Increasingly popular with adults and teenagers, Invisalign offers a discreet, minimally invasive and highly effective way to change the appearance of your smile. It allows you to achieve your dream straighter smile in comfort, without any metal brackets or wires digging in and irritating your skin.

Invisalign is extremely easy to use, as custom-made aligners gradually move the positions of your teeth. All you need to do is wear each aligner for the recommended 20-22 hours each day and let the gradual and gentle forces get to work. Invisalign blends perfectly into your everyday life and requires no changes to your diet or lifestyle as the aligners can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth.

Invisalign’s innovative clear aligners are virtually invisible in the mouth when worn, giving a confidence boost even during treatment. No-one needs to know you are on a journey to beautifully straight teeth until they notice you smiling much more once your treatment is complete!

An Invisalign® Treatment Plan that is made individually for you.

Before a treatment plan can be created, we will take a digital scan of your teeth using the iTero® scanner to check whether they can be straightened using the Invisalign® clear brace system. Once confirmed, a detailed treatment plan will then be developed using iTero®, our virtual 3D digital software. This will show the series of movements your teeth are projected to go through over the course of the treatment – so you can see how your teeth are expected to look at the end of your Invisalign® treatment before it even begins.

At the Brunswick Square Dental Practice, we believe that a great looking smile is essential in boosting your self-confidence and happiness. Traditional metal braces are uncomfortable due to the brackets scraping against the inner check and gums. This can cause soreness and inflammation of the mouth.

Invisalign® clear braces are made from comfortable plastic that fit perfectly, giving you the comfort and confidence to smile.

Invisalign® braces are an innovative way of straightening your teeth. The near invisible aligners fit comfortably over your teeth, gently guiding them into their new position. Treatment time varies dependent largely on the severity of the initial problem, but generally can run from three to four months up to two years. The series of aligners are entirely see-through, which makes them almost invisible. They are very easy to live with because they allow for normal function and speech. The aligners, which gradually move your teeth into better positions, are worn all the time except when eating and cleaning.

Benefits of Invisalign

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom-made aligners to gently move your teeth into new positions to transform your smile.

Initial Consultation

At your initial appointment, we will examine your teeth and take 3D scans and images to ensure your aligners have a precise and accurate fit. We can even use the latest digital technology to show you a preview of how your smile will look following treatment!

ClinCheck & Treatment Plan

The scans and images taken of your teeth are used to create your bespoke treatment plan. Using innovative ClinCheck software, we can show you step by step how your teeth will move position as you wear your aligners.

Gradual Straightening

You will need to wear each aligner in the series for 1-2 weeks before moving on to the next one. As you wear each aligner in the series, your teeth move little by little until your new dream smile is created. The aligners control the amount and timing of movement based on your bespoke treatment plan, ensuring that each stage of treatment goes smoothly. We keep a close eye on your progress at your 4-6 weekly appointments, making small adjustments if necessary to ensure an incredible outcome.


Once you have worn your last aligner, treatment is complete, and you can get ready to show off your new straight smile! We will give you a final retainer to keep your teeth in their new positions for the long term.

Why do so many people choose Invisalign?

The convenience, effectiveness and easy to use nature of Invisalign has made it the straightening system of choice for millions of patients looking to improve their smiles worldwide. It’s the clear choice for patients looking for a cosmetic approach to their orthodontic treatment, eliminating the worry that they will feel self-conscious wearing traditional metal braces. The removable aligners fit seamlessly into each patient’s daily lives and do not require any major changes to diet or brushing routines. Invisalign offers a very successful way to boost confidence and achieve a dream smile.

Finance options available

We know that Invisalign treatment can be expensive, which is why we are pleased to offer flexible payment options to help spread the cost.

Invisalign® Frequently Asked Questions

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