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Teeth Whitening

Get a brighter whiter smile with Tooth Whitening in Brighton and Hove!

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Teeth can appear dull for a number of reasons, including staining from smoking, drinking coffee and red wine, and ageing. We can noticeably lighten teeth and is a convenient option for busy patients as it can be undertaken in under a couple of hours.Our Practice offers 4 types of Tooth Whitening/Brightening options:
  1. BlancOne® Click in-Surgery Tooth Whitening/Brightening
  2. BlancOne® Touch in-Surgery Tooth Whitening/Brightening
  3. Home Tooth Whitening/Brightening with custom-made trays (no impressions needed – achieved using our digital scanner)
  4. Zoom® in-Surgery Tooth Whitening/Brightening with custom-made trays (no impressions needed – achieved using our digital scanner)
The different systems allow us to tailor which Whitening/Brightening procedure would work best for you to, help meet your expectations.

BlancOne® Click in-Surgery Tooth Whitening/Brightening

BlancOne® Click is a gentle yet effective Whitening/Brightening System that has been designed for patients who would like to lift the colour of their teeth by up to 2-4 shades brighter.It is applied following your hygiene appointment.During this visit the clinician will use an ultrasonic scaler and prophy jet air flow to help remove any stubborn surface stains to include coffee/tea/red wine and tobacco. We will then apply a gentle brightening solution onto the teeth for 10 minutes, which is then activated using a blue light. The gel has a desensitising solution added to it, which means we can now provide Whitening/Brightening to patients with sensitivity. To date none of our patients have experienced any form of sensitivity. This is amazing news for those who have never been able to have a procedure without feeling discomfort.The benefit of this procedure is that it is a quick and easy brightening option that only requires an additional 15 minutes in the dental chair- and very little down time. This allows you to get on with your day with very little disruption. Ideally patients should stick to a non coloured/white diet for the following 24 hours after. Total appointment time approximately 50 minutes.This product is so gentle and safe that it can be carried out 3-4 times a year without any harm.

BlancOne® Touch in-Surgery Tooth Whitening/Brightening

BlancOne® Touch is for patients with more stubborn discolouration/darker teeth.; the average shade change is 4-8 shades.This procedure would also be carried out after a hygiene appointment  (as above), the difference being 3 applications for 8 minutes each time. Again, this system is suitable for patients with sensitivity.This is a quick and easy system, that allows patient to achieve a brighter smile and again very little down time. We do ask our patients to follow a non coloured/white diet for 24 hours after. Total appointment time approximately 60 minutes.The product can also be safely repeated 3-4 times a year without any harm.

Follow up

14 days following your appointment we give you a courtesy call. We understand that after the above treatments some of our patients may wish to brighten their teeth further.Should this be the case, we would invite you  to the Practice for a digital scan and we would then custom fitted trays for you to continue whitening your teeth at home for 2 weeks. This offer is only available in conjunction with a BlancOne® treatment and would be discounted.

Zoom® in-Surgery Tooth Whitening/Brightening and Home trays

Zoom® is for patients who are looking to achieve the brightest results within the shortest time frame – A great choice for an upcoming wedding, or for those with a busy lifestyle.The average shade change is 6-8 shades, and suitable for patients with sensitivity.We will use a gentle whitening solution which is activated by a blue light, this will be done over 4 – 15 minute sessions. We will send you home with your custom whitening trays and you can then continue to whiten for 5-7 days, you will only need to wear your trays for 1-2 hours per day.This is a quick and easy system, that allows patient to achieve a brighter smile and again very little down time. We do ask our patients to follow a non coloured/white diet for 24 hours after. Total appointment time approximately 2 hours.


As with any Whitening/Brightening treatment that Dental Professionals offer, all results are unpredictable and whilst we would expect you to reach a certain shade change, we cannot guarantee it.Longevity of Whitening/Brightening results are determined by lifestyle habits, such as tea/coffee, red wine, heavily coloured foods, and smoking which will stain the teeth gradually over time. You may then decide to book an in-surgery Whitening/Brightening treatment again or purchase a top up syringe for your custom-made trays. Whitening/Brightening treatments can safely be carried out 3-4 times a year.Please be aware that any crowns/bridges and fillings will not change shade, and your Dental professional will discuss options with you if this is applicable to you.

Is it Safe?

The British Dental Association (BDA) says whitening is perfectly safe if carried out by a registered dental professional. But the BDA warns anyone else does not have the correct training or knowledge and could cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums. For example, if the mouthguard containing the bleaching gel does not fit properly some of it may leak and cause painful chemical burns. In extreme cases, people have been sick after swallowing the wrong bleaching product.As with any treatment there are benefits and risks. The benefit is that teeth can be whitened quickly in a simple manner. The risk involves the continued use of the carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel for an extended period of time. Research indicates that using carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth is safe. There is new research indicating the safety for use on the soft tissues (gums, cheek, tongue and throat). The long-term effects are as yet unknown. Although the extent of the risk is unknown, acceptance of treatment means acceptance of risk.We do not offer Whitening/Brightening treatments to anyone under the age of 18 or during pregnancy– whilst there is no evidence to deem them unsafe for these types of patients, there is also a lack of long-term clinical studies. So, for that reason we will not carry them out during pregnancy or until a patient has reached the age of 18 years.**Please note- All patients will need to have had a Dental Examination prior to any of the above treatments. This is in-line with GDC regulations and ensures your safety. If you have recently had a Dental Examination at another Dental Practice you can forward your notes to us and we can take it from there.**

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