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Smile Makeover

, Smile MakeoverSometimes just one type of treatment isn’t enough to achieve the smile of your dreams, so we offer complete smile makeovers. These often consist of a blend of different treatments and techniques. A smile makeover can be the perfect solution for a combination of problems such as crooked, uneven or worn down teeth, chipped teeth with old fillings, and discoloured teeth.


The most important step to the makeover is the initial consultation. We will spend time talking with you so you can make an informed decision based on your desires, budget and lifestyle. We may have to correct oral health issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay, before we can perform any cosmetic treatments. However, once your mouth is fit and healthy, we can start the smile enhancing process.

From beautifully simple teeth whitening to the complete coverage provided by hard-wearing crowns, we can offer a range of appealing treatments to sort out your cracked, crooked or dull-looking teeth – helping to boost both your smile and your confidence.

  • Teeth whitening - safe, gentle lightening helps to brighten up dull-looking smiles.
  • Veneers - a natural-looking, minimally invasive way to disguise unsightly teeth.
  • White fillings - designed to offer a less obvious repair, these can also be used to replace existing amalgam fillings.
  • Crowns - a long-lasting way to mask all kinds of defects and strengthen damaged teeth.
  • Bridges - custom-made to fill in any gaps.
  • Dentures - these can be worn to fill in a few gaps or replace all your teeth.
  • Teeth Straightening and Dental Implants – we use specialist partners who are dedicated to providing these expert services on a speciality basis, working with us to provide for your needs

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