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Discolouration – restoring your confidence when you smile

As our most common cosmetic treatment, we have plenty of experience in providing whiter teeth for our patients. We have carried out over 800 whitening treatments over the last 10 years.

We recommend having a hygienist appointment before you have your teeth whitened so that you are dentally fit and to also achieve the best result possible.


We use Zoom Advanced Power Tooth Whitening technology. With this treatment, we can achieve up to 7 shades lighter in one session. It’s a gentle bleaching process that uses a specially formulated type of peroxide. We offer this treatment both at the dental chair or at home. As prices vary according to the type of whitening being carried out, we would like to invite you to come in for a consultation appointment so we can cater the best option for you.

Removing noticeable stains

Sometimes we need to remove stains and marks that are spoiling your smile. We use air abrasion to lift off marks. It not only leaves your teeth feeling and looking clean and smooth, it’s not invasive to your teeth and gums.

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