Lots of people are scared of going to the dentist. It is a very common phobia and, as dentists, we look for the best way to help overcome this fear.

It can be caused by different things, such as being afraid of needles, claustrophobia, the smell or taste of some of the products used, the noise or the feeling of having teeth cleaned or drilled.

Talking it through

We find the best way for our patients is to speak to them openly and honestly about their fear and how we can control it together.


Help and solutions for dental anxiety: 

For many people, an appointment at the dentist can bring unnecessary anxiety and uncomfortable feelings. Those affected often feel physical symptoms such as a pounding heart rate, head spinning, shaking, sweating and so on.

For others, just the thought of visiting the dentist is enough to bring on those sensations and create a cycle of avoidance. Not receiving treatment when needed can make things worse long term, requiring longer or more dental work. Seeing your dentist at regular intervals ensures your dental health is in good order and avoids decay and further issues from developing. As we know, our dental and oral health is an essential part of our overall health and well-being. 

Dentists are used to working with nervous patients, furthermore, modern dentistry is equipped to lessen uncomfortable sensations. To deal effectively with dental anxiety and make your experience as relaxed as possible, hypnotherapy is available through our practice.

About the Therapist:

Our therapist, Stephanie B.Galissian (Dip. Hyp. Psych) uses techniques such as hypnosis to bring a sense of calm and control so you can feel relaxed before and during your treatment.

Stephanie is a fully qualified, registered and accredited experienced hypnotherapist. She uses a mixture of hypnosis, psychotherapy, mindfulness and EFT techniques.
Benefits of Hypnotherapy:

  • Learn to feel relaxed and confident
  • Eliminate dental anxiety and nervousness in the dentist chair
  • Overcome fears and phobias of dental treatment
  • Learn techniques to help you with everyday anxiety

Use of Hypnotherapy in dentistry:

  • Anxiety management and relaxation
  • Fear a phobia management (specific phobias: e.g. general dental work, needles, blood, drill...)
  • Gagging (during procedure)
  • Pain control
  • Improved compliance with oral hygiene
  • smoking cessation

F.A.Q about Hypnotherapy:

What is Hypnosis?

All of our memories and experiences are stored in our unconscious mind, where they have an important effect on how we think, feel and behave.

Most of this information is helpful but occasionally we may pick up problems through trauma, learned behaviour or a habit that can create behaviours of feelings that are unhelpful or unwanted. 

Hypnosis works by accessing the unconscious mind and placing new, positive instructions there, a little like re-programming yourself to how you would like to be able to think and feel. When deeply relaxed, it makes it possible for the hypnotherapist to work on changing the behaviours and emotions that have become problematic. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxed and successful therapy. 

How does hypnotherapy feel like?

Hypnosis is a very natural state similar to daydreaming. It is a pleasant and relaxing experience, where you are conscious, aware and in control of everything. You just follow the sound of my voice and reach a state of relaxation while your subconscious can absorb the new information and allow changes to take place. Clients are always amazed at how natural hypnosis feels.  

How will hypnosis help me before my dental appointment?

We will work together to establish what the issues are and work on those, so we can erase or lower unwanted thoughts and behaviours and replace them with more beneficial and positive ones. Hypnosis will help you relax and instil a sense a calm, enabling you to undergo dental treatment with ease.

How many sessions will I need?

I always recommend three sessions, so we can get great results for you, so you are ready for your dental appointment feeling calm, reassured and in control. Single sessions can be added if or when necessary and this can be discussed and tailored to you and your needs. 


If you have dental anxiety, IV sedation is a safe, effective way to make you feel completely relaxed and much more willing to undergo treatment. Your worries will be eliminated but you remain conscious and able to answer questions, so the dentist can treat you more effectively.

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