Prevention is the best cure. Regular check-ups help us spot early signs of complications such as tooth decay and gum disease. This proactive approach can reduce the need for more involved treatment, which can save significant time, discomfort and money. We make it not only educational, but with your participation we make it interactive and not to mention fun too.

A thorough clean

Even if you brush your teeth every day, this is not enough to prevent the gradual build-up of plaque. Our hygienists offer a professional clean, at least twice a year, which can remove stubborn tartar and plaque deposits.

How do I keep my teeth and gums healthy?

A simple routine can help prevent most dental problems:

Can smoking and drinking affect my teeth and gums?

Yes. Smoking can cause tooth staining, tooth loss and mouth cancer, and make gum disease worse. If you smoke, you may need to visit the dental team more often, but the best advice is to try to give up. Alcoholic drinks can also cause mouth cancer and if you smoke and drink you’re more at risk. Some alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar, and some mixed drinks may contain acids. So, they can cause decay or erosion if you drink them often and in large amounts. For more information contact us.

Healthy diet

good eating habits – having sugary foods and drinks combined with harmful bacteria on the teeth can create acid that attack your enamel of your teeth, to find out more contact us.

Teaching great home care tips

Your teeth-cleaning habits at home impact the health of your whole mouth so it’s important that you are doing this properly. We recommend that you do the following:

Give up smoking

Smoking can cause a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, which inhibits healing and can increase your risk of developing gum disease. Smoking can also cause an increased amount of plaque and tartar, as well as staining teeth.

Avoid too many sugary snacks and drinks

These combine with harmful bacteria on the teeth to create enamel attacking acid.


Fissures, the narrow gaps in your back teeth, are prone to tooth decay as brushing doesn’t also keep them clear. We can apply a sealant, a plastic coating, which prevents bacteria and food particles from settling in the narrow fissures

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